The Spiritual Greatness Acceleration Membership Program

Realize your remarkable, untapped capabilities to unlock your highest potentials and lead the most incredible, awe-inspiring life.

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You doing more great is what the world needs.

What we designed this leading-edge membership program to give you in the fastest, most effective way possible.


That's right. We found the hack the system to help you overcome this chaotic world with weekly support, spiritual breakthroughs and life hacks at the highest levels for only a small time and heart commitment from you.


With the right support and in the right environment you are capable of making profound changes on a weekly basis. This program opens you up to experiencing this on a daily basis.


With just a few small, high frequency connections here and there throughout a week, you'll experience a 96% positive difference in your life alone. This includes happiness, career fulfillment and financial opportunity.


Change the models you live by, open up to the highest possible solutions to your problems you'll be blown away by and be surrounded by a community of likeminded people who will support your dreams through the hard times.

About the Membership Program

Built around your most difficult schedule, you can now at least once a week...

  • Learn the latest ground-breaking spiritual discoveries that will completely change your life.
  • Have a safe place to be yourself and ask questions.
  • Get real advice that your higher self will love that will solve your problems.
  • Connect with an amazing community of people who will get you.
  • Experience a weekly energy boost for your life that you can look forward to each week.

As a member of the program, have access to an archive of approximately 30 minute life-changing video lessons with options to watch and rewatch as if best fits your schedule as well as opportunities to join live classes...



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How does it work?

It's simple! Just follow 3 easy steps...

STEP #1:

Apply & Get Your Log In

Use the button below to send us an email to apply for the program. We will get back to you in 5-7 business days to let you know if you got in!

Active subscribers to our email list will be eligible to receive an email invite to the program and bypass the application process.

STEP #2:

Enjoy the Recorded or Live Content

What this membership gives you is access to the first approximately 30 minutes of life-changing content from our premium Mastery Courses that are standalone classes themselves.

Recordings Archive

Have access to a digital library of all the past membership class recordings to watch and rewatch at your leisure. New classes will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks.

Opportunities to Attend Live Classes

You’ll also have chances to attend a class live to ask questions, give your input to shape the direction of the class, and receive personalized intuitive advice from Alessandro.

This live option has limited availability with first come first serve seating.

STEP #3:

Engaging Consistently

Your membership in this program will remain active indefinitely as long as you either attend a live session or a recorded session within a 30 day timeframe of your last activity.

If you don’t engage with any content within the 30 day window, your membership will go inactive removing access to the live classes and the recording archive. 

To reactive your membership:

You will need to reach out to us and go through an application process and approval. 

Due to limitations of our backend programs, we can only accommodate a fixed amount of students in this program. This process is to ensure that the people who are chomping at the bit for this information can get it.

We’ll send you a reminder email 7 days before your membership expires so you don’t accidentally lose it.


What's the cost of participating in this Membership Program?

A maximum of 30 minutes of your time a week. And that’s only if you choose to do 30 minutes all at once!

Otherwise, how much time you invest in a day and when lies solely under your discretion based on what fits best for your schedule. You could stretch that 30 minutes across multiple weeks if you wanted.

Financially? None. 

Other than that? Just exchanging the limited ideas and fear-based programming that are holding you back in every way for new perspectives and tools that will give you everything you’ve been praying for.

What exactly will you get out of the program? Is it worth your time?

What do you think consistent doses of the highest help in the world could do to improve your current problems? Your financial burdens, health issues, careers stagnation and relationship troubles? 

The truth is, even the briefest engagement will make a profound difference for you. Your higher self knows this which is why it chose to connect you to this resource. 

With it you'll gain insights, hacks, direction, and weekly energy boost to experience significantly less stress, drain and monotony in life and instead enjoy more harmony, joy and next level opportunities.

Better that just keeps getting better. Cross more off your bucket list.

How do you participate?

Easy! Either show up to the live classes or watch at least a few seconds of a recording from a past class within 30 days. 

How do you attend a live class?

We’ll send you an email to let you know when it's coming up and a the link an hour before the live class. Just click the link in the email to join live via Zoom!

The chance to attend live is on a first come first serve basis. If we can’t fit you in, you’ll always have the recorded version available to you. 

What about the rest of the class?

Everything you need as a part of this membership program will be in the first section of each class.

If you are at any time interested in joining the rest of the class or course, we will have that option available for you. If you attend a live class you’ll have a chance to let us know then and we’ll get you set up. Otherwise, just send us an email!

How does the recordings option work?

By being a part of the membership program, you will have access to a special online archive on Thinkific where all previous membership classes will be posted for you to watch at any time. You can start, stop and replay at your leisure.

We will post the new class recording into the archive 2-3 days after a live class. We’ll email you when it’s up!

To remain a member of this program, all you have to do is watch a minimum a 3 minutes of a class within 30 days. 

Why 30 days?

We can only have a limited number of students participating in the membership at a time because of the limitation of our backend programs. The 30 days is to give you the flexibility your packed schedule probably needs.

What happens after the 30 days?

If you don’t attend any live classes or watch any videos within 30 days, your account will go inactive to allow those who are eager to spiritually grow and are ready to commit to making big changes in their life to be apart of this exclusive opportunity.

You will be able to rejoin the program, you’ll have to go through an application and approval process.

No stress though, we’ll email you when your membership is 7 days to going inactive. We'll also email you to let you know when your membership has gone inactive.

You are here for a reason.

Your soul had a big purpose for leading you to this page and we would be remissed if we didn't help it get what it came here for!

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