Guided Light Healing's

Soul Compliment Alignment & Actualization Healing Event

On Friday, April 1st at 7pm PST/10pm EST

Make the choice to undoubtedly bring in the amplified power and unparalleled life potentials of your soul compliment union now before our off-track world gets to decide for you.

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Life With Your Soul Compliment Will By Far Exceed Anything You Could Imagine

By receiving this healing, you will set in stone the unfathomable assuredness, unmatched achievements and indescribably joy you could only experience with your soul compliment dynamic.


Being the perfect other half of your soul, with this person in your life you will feel like one person experiencing on a daily basis a powerful sense of completeness and security that you've never experienced before that will make you feel invincible.


Perfectly complimenting your masculine and feminine energies, having your soul compliment will fill in the masculine or feminine energies wherever you are in the opposite opening you up your to perspectives and skills that you alone could never access.


Without a soul compliment you will only ever access about 10% of your potential powers and capabilities. Your abilities to pull in the highest solutions and create an amazing life of endless possibilities will skyrocket once you connect with your compliment.


Due to the agendas of a few fear based leaders in our world, our futures have been completely thrown off their original course. Being a vital key to your soul's career and personal success, re-align with the future that guarantees you two unite.

All Encompassing Energy Work That Will Lock In Your Perfect Union


How the major advancements we've made in our healing technologies will create all the necessary energetic and physical adjustments to both halves of your soul and the universal matter around you to make certain that, despite all odds, you and your soul compliment unite in this life time.

Supercharge the attraction that will unite you and your soul compliment together.

If you already have a permanent partner, open them up to allow access of your soul compliment.

Remove any blocks that are preventing your soul compliment from coming in now.

Recalibrate to a more aligned future that ensures you and your soul compliment find each other.

Fine-tune your creator field so that you are undoubtedly creating your soul compliment experience.

Create new, better situation and circumstance for meeting your soul compliment.

Due to our off-track world and the resulting alterations made to your original soul plan, receive new, upgraded soul lessons and soul path that you'll need to ensure you connect with your soul compliment since your original failsafes are now gone.

Because of agreed upon limitations to how much they can help us and the now uncertain state of our futures, make the adaptive adjustments to guarantee your soul compliment union that source and guides can’t do for you.

Remove any bad mental and emotional programs that would hurt your soul compliment relationship.

Assign a specialized team of universe support to speed up and ensure this special connection.

Reprogram your heart to make the right decisions regarding anything that has to do with your soul compliment.

Add in powerful fields that will influence you to do the right on path things vs. getting corrupted by our ever-changing futures.

All of which will also be done to your soul compliment's energy as well!


You may experience a slight "healing crisis" following the completion of this healing that could result in symptoms such as: heightened emotions, more than normal crying, fatigue, achiness, headaches, or any cold-like symptoms. Symptom severity differs per person.

If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to Megan at and she will advise accordingly.

WELCOME to Guided Light Healing

We'd love to share with you more on how we've upgraded all our tools and teachings with you in mind to create the biggest, positive difference in your life, unleash your highest potentials and amplify your life-changing voice to inspire this loud, chaotic world in greater ways than ever before.

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Meet Alessandro
Founder & CEO

Guided Light Healing's Founder and CEO has over 34+ years of experience in the healing world and has spent well over 10,000+ hours of his career combining science with spiritual, developing his remarkable, scientifically precise intuitive skill set and mastering leading edge teaching techniques.

Starting at very young age, Alessandro discovered his talent for changing lives that over the years grew into the successful business changing thousands of people's lives that he is widely known for now. Through his years of experience and exceptional intuitive abilities, Alessandro has become one of the best in the business when it comes to providing the most comforting, crystal clear clarity, the most effective, reliable solutions, and the most powerful healings to empower anyone to create the biggest, noticeable shift towards a meaningful life full of endless abundance, success and happiness.

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If you feel drawn to receiving this healing but are currently experiencing financial hardship, send us an email to apply for a special payment plan that we will intuitively test to work for your financial needs without compromising any of the benefits from the healing.

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