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Relationship Mastery



Become empowered by every relationship in your life.

Through focused, short burst learning, unlock your power to create unwavering self confidence in yourself, experience the highest levels of success in your career and dating, and enjoy the most fulfilling, incredible relationships.

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How this course will

Upgrade Parts of Your Life You Probably Didn't Consider...


Learn the best kept secrets to stand out, get noticed, and truly shine in your career. Not only that, master how to attract the perfect paying customers, business partners, and work atmosphere.


Just like we outgrow clothes, we also outgrow friends. With these understandings, as you expand in consciousness, know how to make room for and bring in new friendships that feel like true upgrades.


There are actually spiritual rules to dating that most people don't know about. With the right spiritual guidelines, change your dating experience to be nothing less than amazing and empowering.


Got crazy kids? A family member that drives you nuts? Know the real reason why this happens and harness your power to forever change these dynamics for the better. Attain next level of appreciation for family.

You are here for a reason.

Your soul had a big purpose for leading you to this page and we would be remissed if we didn't help it get what it came here for!

Get your soul's input for FREE about taking this course!

Let's figure out your reason for being here and what your higher self wants for you. We have multiple avenues to connect you with and this will help us to find the perfect one for you.

Outcomes you will experience from taking each level of the Relationship Mastery Course



Communication Expertise

Never look back on a decision with regret. Confidently ask the right intuitive questions to create the most incredible, abundant life.

Build Your Perfect Person

Be the best advice giver. Embody your most valuable gifts that will make noticeable changes in your life and how people see you.

Supercharged Attractiveness

Confidently wield the most powerful intuitive skill set that empowers you with the ability to change any aspect of your life to how you want.

Master the Art of Attraction

Understand the hidden knowledge of intuition and have expertise on how it works. Have template reads that will guarantee perfect clarity.

Never Again Feel Without

Know that you always have the right answer, tune out the outside world, and always make the choices that are the best for your unique life.

Live in Happily Ever After

Step into your power and harmonize with the world. Confidently create the life of your dreams and help those you care most about.


Health Expertise

Always have access to the most accurate diagnosis of what is going on in your body. Confidently identify the emotional root cause and the best method to heal.

Future Assurance

Use your mastered abilities to change the course of your future as you see fit. Know what changes you need to make to get the outcomes you want.

Future Confidence

Never be caught off guard again. Predict your's or anyone else's future with 100% accuracy including the most specific and helpful details.

Ultimate Connection

Nurture deeper, more meaningful relationships with people by understanding them on a deeper level. Create open dialogues with Source, animals and the world.

Impressive Accuracy

With mastery over using multiple forms of intuition, pull in the most precise, dead on accurate energetic and physical details every time you use your intuition.

Fulfilling Results

Have the proven template and skills to always know the perfect actions that will align you with any financial, career, relationship, or health goals you desire.

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How learning spiritual tools from GLH changes your whole life...

What Caliber of Relationships Do You Want In Your Life?

What you will learn in each level of this incredible course...

Level 1 - 10 weeks

  • The science and energetic principles to unlock your abilities as a conscious creator in the world
  • How to shift all the relationships in your life to more positive and fulfilling relationships
  • The tools to help you stand out in your job and bring in the right people and the right resources to propel you further in your career faster
  • How to become a communication expert
  • The tools to unconditionally love every aspect of yourself exactly as you are right now
  • The understandings you need to bring in your perfect "soul mate"
  • The Spiritual Dating 101 rules that will allow you to master and feel absolutely confident in the dating world

Investment: $1,500

Level 2 - 10 weeks

  • How to refine and make changes to your perfect person
  • What makes a perfect match for us and how to easily know you've found your perfect match when you meet them
  • How to avoid the common things people do that sabotage relationships
  • The tools you need to have effective arguments with your partner or anyone in your life
  • The secrets to amplify your relationship to its highest capabilities
  • How to keep a healthy and exciting relationship for the long term
  • The tools to master emotions and give ourselves what we need to maintain an amazing relationship
  • How to take communication to a whole new spiritual and physical level

Investment: $2,500

The Magic of our


Everything you need to know about our new, elevated model for courses and why it's the optimal way to achieve the highest learning results.


"I am a fan of live, in person learning, so the idea of learning from a recording was a stretch.  But each week's content exceeded my expectations.  The pace at which the information is given in the class is perfect.  It truly could be that the biggest benefit is having the audios to replay.  For me, soak time and repetition are the path to integrating new information and making changes.  The check ins are so on-point and the perfect forum for asking questions and clarifying information."

- Brenda

The Evolution of our leading-edge teaching method.

We are constantly raising the standard of spiritual education and taking it to the next level. With every elevation of our programs, they improve by 40%-60%.

As a result, our students experience even greater life transformations and greater results than the high bars we already set.

This course is the next step of our evolution. Through this video/audio course, we are introducing a new focused, short burst method of learning to help you optimize your brain's capabilities to retain information and achieve life-long integration of the material.

The Power of segmented learning.

The way our brains work, we are only able to focus and retain about 20 minutes worth of information.To help you retain every ounce of the incredible information taught in this course...

...we split the 2.5 hours worth of life changing information into approximately 20 minute video lessons that you can listen to across the 7 days of the week.

A few minutes a day with directed integrations into your life will allow you to achieve a whole new level of expertise that wasn't possible before.

Hands on help with Live Clarity Classes.

This course merges the remarkable benefits of self discovery with the profound results from the help of an intuitive coach.

After each daily video lesson, receive a self integration prompt to help you start developing your intuitive independence.

Every two weeks, master teacher, Alessandro, will host 1 hour Clarity Classes where you can ask questions, get intuited progress checks, as well as any intuitively guided support to ensure you have complete understanding of the material.

The most Incredible Investment you can make is in YOU.

The only investment we ever have complete control over is an investment in ourselves. Investments in something like the stock market always has room for unpredictable changes and shifts. All we have to do is have a great plan, the right tools and commit to never stopping. The payout will always be ten fold higher than any other investment. 

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Some courses may be starting sooner than you've heard.


Your Teacher.

Alessandro has spent the majority of this lifetime learning to deconstruct the virtual reality we live in and hack the system in a way that only a few others in the world have been able to do successfully.

Never before has science, spiritual, guarded financial secrets and energy work been combined in the life-change and world-changing way. Alessandro over 10,000 hours of mastery and 33 years of experience in the healing world and believes in sharing every bit of what he has learned, experienced and intuited over the years.

Alessandro Giannetti


WELCOME to Guided Light Healing

We'd love to share with you more on how we've upgraded all our tools and teachings with you in mind to create the biggest, positive difference in your life, unleash your highest potentials and amplify your life-changing voice to inspire this loud, chaotic world in greater ways than ever before.

Allow us to explain in the video below...

What people are saying...

"Alessandro's teachings on relationships is truly like no other. As a person with extreme trauma with relationships, Alessandro has helped me find the courage to start dating and actually feel empowered doing it. Finally I feel worthwhile and in control. Rather than feeling like I'd be lucky if someone would be interested in me, I actually feel the complete opposite! I finally understand my whole worth as a person and that someone would be lucky to be with me!

Not only that, I have had found so much success in my career because of the understandings of relationships he taught me. I still to this day hear from old co-workers and bosses who tell me how much they miss me and how impactful just my presence was to the company. I now have my own healing business and the energy you project is KEY. His teachings has allowed me to shift my energy broadcast and the results are truly incredible! You really have to experience it for yourself. It's nuts!"

- Megan

"Alessandro has a gift that helps you identify your barriers of blockage and e"ciently opens up the path of transformative changes needed in order to reach one's full potential. I have worked with Alessandro in both personal and professional areas in my life. He has helped me identify how my way of thinking and habits have created patterns and continued barriers that have prevented me from reaching my goals in life. Through my sessions with him and the assignments he has given me, I am able to work through my challenges and continue my journey of self empowerment and happiness. This process is especially important given the fact that pro!tability and success in my !eld of work depends heavily on my mental and spiritual well-being. I highly recommend Alessandro for anyone who is open to be the best person they can be and have a desire to be successful and happy in all areas of their lives."

- Janet

"I always had this understanding that life didn’t need to be difficult. I definitely had this underlying knowing that there’s no way I was supposed to su#er this much. But I did not have the slightest idea of how to get there or what to do.

I was insanely hesitant to work with Alessandro, and the reason why at that point wasn’t that I didn’t have money, but I thought it was extremely expensive because at that point of my life the value that I put on myself and what I spent on me specifically was so low that it just seemed so crazy... But that is the opposite of what you should be doing so it was insanely valuable.

It changed my life in so many ways. It woke me up to what I was supposed to do. It brought in more money than I could ever imagine. My spiritual side got enhanced. His understanding of how the Universe works and the clarity it offers has transformed my relationships and my understanding how the world works and really touched upon every area of my life."

- Val

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Some courses may be starting sooner than you've heard.