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Recurring Block Source Analysis

Get the Source facts on the obstacle you can't seem to pin-point and get back to moving full force towards your greatest desires.

Unblock yourself now!

Have you ever said: “I know I can fix this if I could just figure out what's wrong”?

If you've experienced the frustration of unintentionally working on the wrong stuff, being slightly off the mark, or too emotional to get clear enough to get a solution to the big obstacles in your life, this is for you.

Omit the process of trying one thing after another and your issue continuing to not clear up. Whatever it is that you can't seem to get to work in your life, with this, get the precise, intuitive view of everything you need to finally solve your problem on the first try.

Never again waste time on the wrong action to overcome any obstacle.

Stop Your Emotions From Derailing You

Even with good tools, when we are triggered about our situation our abilities to access full intuitive clarity will be significantly disrupted. Pin pointing the exact core causing our problem and getting to the perfect solve will be 12x harder for us when we are emotional. With this unique offering, get a completely neutral, expert intuitive look into your problem to quickly eliminate any negative emotional influences in your way so you are fully dialed in to create your right solution.

When A Private Session is Just Too Much

We all reach a point in our spiritual careers where we don't need the full hands-on help you get in a private session. You may only have one problem you're stuck on that you already have the tools to fix. All you really need is the one missing "click", which doesn't constitute a full session even though you'd like the help. This offering gives you the same session level clarity, but for your one big problem at hand. It makes getting the right amount of help for your level more easily accessible.

Solve in Seconds What Could Take Months

People will generally take months to solve something they can't see. They end up focusing on the wrong things, taking the wrong actions and with frustration see no change. By choosing to allow the perfect intuitive answer to come through a non-emotional outside source, you will experience a resolve and enjoy relief faster. You will be able to move through more spiritual growth and accomplish more of your goals faster and spend less time stressing about it.

Exert Less Effort To Get More Results Faster

Intuition is difficult as it is, but there's nothing more difficult than reading your own problems. So difficult that most people will be 90% wrong when they try. This is what causes trying to solve our own problems to exhausting and impossible. It can become frustrating enough that we may end up just avoiding doing anything about it entirely. With this, in a matter of a day, get the full picture clarity on exactly what's going on, why your obstacle is happening, so you can easily solve it.

Designed Specifically for YOU.

This offering has become a favorite, game-changing asset for our community at GLH.

Taking the results that are possible through a private session, this next level service can offer you results that are 15x better!


UPGRADE #1: Finally have a resource designed specifically to give you the clear, precise solution you need to completely resolve that one persistent obstacle you just can't seem to get rid of.

UPGRADE #2: Have easier access to the perfect, purest intuitive clarity from Source right when you need it so you no longer have to wait until things get really bad to experience relief.

UPGRADE #3: Maximize the profound benefits of focusing on one thing at a time, which will get you a resolve faster, solidify your new lessons more permanently, and open you up to your next level gains sooner.

For years, this kind of focused help catered to solving one issue to blow open massive life transformation hasn't existed. Finally with this service, help is always within reach when you need it.

“OH MY GOD. THIS STUFF IS GAME CHANGING AND HUGE LIGHT BULB MOMENTS!! I am 100% a kid in a candy store right now. All the things that were happening in my head that I couldn’t understand why now make SO much since. This stuff might be some of my most favorite things we spoke about in awhile. THANK YOU!! Sending you love!”

— Val

I’m struggling to find the right words but I have the biggest smile on my face. Over the last few weeks something has changed within me, I feel different. Like all is right in my world. It’s been really wonderful. Regarding the second half of the audio - it had some of the sweetest messaging I’ve received, I cried a little at the end because of how touching your words were. Also laughed because you were spot on with saying at first listen I would like the info about 68%, but after taking some fears off the table will get to a full 100% love. Totally on board with all of that. As always eternally grateful you are in my life.

— Tasha

What's included in a Recurring Block Source Analysis?

A Complete Breakdown of Your Obstacle

Receive a detailed, intuitive breakdown on all the components that are creating your immovable situation. This section will include: Reflective properties holding you back, emotional blocks, hurting actions, and other components.

Session Level Clarity for Clear Next Steps of Your Choice

Have a complete, recorded overview of your offending obstacle: what's causing the problem, how it started, what components are keeping it in your life, and how to completely clear it out of your life. Understand the root of your problem at a level that will give you the full flexibility to use whatever resources, healing modalities, and tools that feel best to you to completely solve your problem.

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