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True Self Radiance Amplification Healing

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You Were Always Meant to Feel Absolutely Limitless

Through this event, reconnect to the rewarding journey towards the life of greatness you were divinely designed to live but were taught to believe was impossible.


Get monumentally closer to having the soul-driven career you'd do for free but will be financially more than compensated for.


Live your day to day life with the full assurance that you are no doubt doing exactly what you are meant to be doing in your life.


Embody a newfound love and excitement for how special you already are & know all the amazing skill sets you have to offer the world.


Gain clarity on your soul's life purpose to change the world in the most incredible way with the Universe's full support to get there.

Experience an Unforgettable Transformation


How this healing was carefully designed to give you the greatest life change possible that you'll always remember.

Reactive your dormant, inner-knowing of your soul's special masteries and purpose.

Reprogram your heart to loudly push you in the right direction and overcome the limiting fears.

Strip away anything that's keeping you from achieving your unique brilliance and career success.

Fully realize your individual, unmatched talents and how they fit into the bigger picture of the world.

Gain higher power support to always walk the right path towards actualizing your higher purpose.

Download a clear view of each step in your life's divine plan to know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Pull in the perfect road map to align directly with your soul's pull.

Create a more aligned core self and core programs.

WELCOME to Guided Light Healing

We'd love to share with you more on how we've upgraded all our tools and teachings with you in mind to create the biggest, positive difference in your life, unleash your highest potentials and amplify your life-changing voice to inspire this loud, chaotic world in greater ways than ever before.

Allow us to explain in the video below...

Meet Alessandro
Founder & CEO

Guided Light Healing's Founder and CEO has over 34+ years of experience in the healing world and has spent well over 10,000+ hours of his career combining science with spiritual, developing his remarkable, scientifically precise intuitive skill set and mastering leading edge teaching techniques.

Starting at very young age, Alessandro discovered his talent for changing lives that over the years grew into the successful business changing thousands of people's lives that he is widely known for now. Through his years of experience and exceptional intuitive abilities, Alessandro has become one of the best in the business when it comes to providing the most comforting, crystal clear clarity, the most effective, reliable solutions, and the most powerful healings to empower anyone to create the biggest, noticeable shift towards a meaningful life full of endless abundance, success and happiness.

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Apply to get the recording and the full benefits of this healing through four monthly payments of $168 each. Amount includes a payment plan fee.

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