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Have you forgotten your beautiful role in your pet's soul agenda?

The heart of companionship is helping one another learn and grow. Your pet is not only here to be a loving, life companion, but also be a divinely designed guide to help you achieve the greatness you've always wanted.

By understanding your pet at this higher conscious level, cultivate the strongest bond with your pet, give them the absolute happiest and healthiest life possible and help them carry out their soul's mission to assist you.

Open up to untapped potentials just by knowing the real reason why pets get sick...

Faster Growth & Success

The specific illness or injury of your pet has a direct connection to the specific blocks you are experiencing in your life. If you are irritated by what others are telling you in your life, your pet will develop an itchy, viral ear infection. The nuances of the illness develop specifically according to your unique block. With this intuitive decode, better understand what's holding you back in life so you can unblock yourself and unleash your highest potentials in your life personally, financially, socially and even vocationally.

Less Worry & Pet Expenses

Bypass the grueling experience of vet visits, misdiagnoses, procedures, and administering medication. All of which are time-consuming and stressful endeavors for both you and your pet that add up to be quite costly. That's not even considering the basic expenses of feeding, grooming and caring for your pet. With this resource, give them exactly what they need and the right healing more immediately so you can cut costs and get them back to being happy and healthy faster.

Clarity of Future & Redirection

Acting as a buffer, your pet will take on the physical illness or injury that you are attracting into your life before you get it. If your pet has liver disease, you are attracting liver disease. If they have heart problems, you will have heart problems. Pet's function as a precursor to help you get ahead. Understanding and healing your pet's illness will simultaneously give you the opportunity to heal, learn the soul lesson and pull yourself out of alignment for that illness before it physically manifest into your body.

Deeper Bonds & Understanding

Before you came into this physical experience, there was an agreement made between your soul and your pet's soul that it would step into your life at the right time to be the biggest assist in your life's journey. When we understand the relationship with our pet's at this high level, our feelings of appreciation, love, and connectedness to our pet skyrockets. Through this service forever unlock and cultivate the most beautiful and powerful relationship with your pet. You are in this together.

“I just have to say... the way everything has played out with Coop's ear the last few weeks has blown my mind. I still can’t get over his ear being healed after 13 months of daily stress and worry. His ear completely cleared up the next day. Not only was that allergy medicine not fixing the problem, it was actually making it worse! Every time I look at his ears and see that it’s a healthy color instead of blood red I get so so happy. Such a relief. Literal highlight of my year. I’m buying Coop his own gift for helping me and for getting through all that. And thank YOU again!”

— Tasha & Cooper

“Thank you so much for the audio. Wow that resonates a lot and makes so much sense. Thank you for telling me about grapefruit seed extract, will add this to his diet ASAP. About Maya- what you intuited is so spot on. She has been extra sensitive and emotional lately and I felt she is wanting more attention but I felt that I was already giving her a lot of attention but I can see now from her perspective how she is feeling. I will do my best to make her feel special and loved. We forget as adults how sensitive kids are. I felt hurt by her anger and outbursts but now I realize it’s her way of wanting more love and attention. Thank you for figuring this out! I do feel Hunter has a special connection to her, she was the one begging for a cat 🐈 He seems to be doing a lot better now, it seems the issue did calm down a lot since I first messaged you about it, thank god and I trusted my intuition not to take him to the vet again because it might have caused more stress to him. I’m so grateful for the accurate and helpful assessment and reading. It has truly helped so much! I’m blown away by how spot on you (Alessandro) are but when it comes to my own things sometimes I have blind spots and truly appreciate all the insight. So grateful for all you do.”

— Ava & Hunter

What's included in an Intuitive Pet Health Workup?

Intuited Pet Physical Body Scan

Receive a detailed, intuitive breakdown on what has failed in your pet's body and how this fail is creating symptoms. These breakdowns include: A "body story" on what's gone wrong, the specific causes for illness and intuited percentages to highlight the level of function for each part in crisis.

Analysis of the Energetic Pet-Owner Agreement

Receive a comprehensive explanation on how your pet's illness is connected to you. Understand the specific situation and circumstance in your life that created the illness within your pet and a get look ahead into what you are attracting into your life physically that your pet's illness is forewarning.

Owner Next Steps to a Complete Pet Healing

Have the the full clarity on the emotional root, thought processes, and physical actions that you are doing that caused and are perpetuating your pet's condition. Understand what you need to do in order to clear out your part of your pet's illness so it can clear out entirely and never come back.

Pet Next Steps to a Complete Pet Healing

Whether you want to go eastern or western, know exactly is going on with your pet's physical body so while you work on your part of the healing, you can get the right tests, procedures, medications or herbs and implement the right lifestyle changes to clear out the illness for your pet entirely and permanently.

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