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Intuitive Kid Block Analysis

Understand your child's views of school and the hidden problems in their life that could cause health issues later on or derail them from becoming who they are meant to be.

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Is the world pushing your kid into the wrong career?

Kids are more tapped into what they need than we tend to realize. Feeling the weight of societal and familial pressures, kids will often question their own intuitive impulses of what's right for them and cave into the want of others. Pursuing wrong careers and passions out of a need to be accepted or feel special instead of what will actually lead them to a happy, fulfilled and successful life.

With this offering, give your child everything he or she needs to succeed in all areas of life. Understand their soul's true want for their life and what they need from you to grow up with the perfect balance of parental support and space to be independent.

Enhance Every Part of Your Child's Life to Assure Their Future Success & Happiness

Prevent Life- Altering Obstacles

Know what exactly is bothering your child and what they need from you in order to ensure they stay on the best path of least resistance towards their happiest and most successful life.

Stop All Arguments & Outbursts

Fully understand your child at a level that will completely eliminate all of their negative attitudes and behaviors. Instead have a deep loving bond and a strong mutual trust with your child.

Prevent Major Sickness & Disease

Understand how to best help your child through their emotional obstacles so they don't manifest and develop major, chronic sicknesses and diseases into their life years down the road.

Align Them to the Best Decisions

Know how to communicate with your child in a way that will positively motivate them to do the things that are best for them without any pushback and will only deepen your bond with them.

“I honestly don't even know where to begin. I've worked with Alessandro through different stages of my life; figuring out my soul path, moving through loss, trauma, grief and over the last few years, my 5 year old son. Being a single parent is no easy feat and I can say it can feel very lonely at times. Not having another parent to bounce ideas off of or share stories or get advice, can feel isolating at times. Having Alessandro in my corner has been life changing to say the least. Learning about ways to support my son as his sole parent, while allowing him to flourish and get experiences as his own person, takes work. The growth, awareness, unconditional love and emotional maturity I see building each day in my son is magical and worth every effort.”

— Marlo & Nash

What's included in an Intuitive Kid Block Workup?

The Physical Problems in Your Child's Life

Receive a detailed, intuitive breakdown on all the physical aspects of your child's life that are causing the problems for your child. This may include: Being bullied by other kids, having issues with teachers/siblings, environmental triggers, problems with daily routine, ect.

The Emotional Elements that Are Missing

Receive a crystal clear, intuitive rundown on how your child is truly feeling emotionally about themselves and their life. Know what they need to effectively manage their emotions, what you can do to best support them through their emotional issues as well as how to get ahead of these issues before they happen.

Your Child's Unique Formula for Highest Wellbeing

Have an easy-to-reference guide on all the energetic and physical elements your child needs in their life and from you in order for them to have the happiest and healthiest life. This formula may include emotional practices, physical changes, energetic awarenesses, ect.

What Energetically Are Their Issue vs. Your Issue

Receive a comprehensive explanation on the energy/reflective components of your situation with your child. Understand which issues are genuine issues with your child specifically and which issues are actually your issues that your child's behavior and moods are showing you.

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