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Intuition Mastery



Divine guidance is the KEY to living the incredible life you desire.

Through focused, short burst learning, unleash your mastered intuitive brilliance and carry out your fulfilled higher purpose.

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How this course will

give you your TIME BACK!


Don't waste another second in the wrong job or leave a job too early. Know that every career move you make will always be the perfect step towards the success and fulfillment you want.


Predict your future and make changes as you see fit. Get the skills to make the exact shifts you need to get the results you want and see them happen in record amounts of time.


Never again have buyer's remorse. Confidently make the decisions that will always grow your wealth. Know when to buy, when to save, and how to increase your financial flow daily.


Accurately diagnose exactly what is going on in your body and what it needs to reach its highest potentials of health and look the way you want. Guarantee you achieve your ideal health goals.

You are here for a reason.

Your soul had a big purpose for leading you to this page and we would be remissed if we didn't help it get what it came here for!

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4 Things You're Missing without Intuition Mastery


Have Life Feel Easier

Today's decisions shape our future. Our seemingly insignificant daily choices having the biggest impact on our lives which causes many to experience the crippling pressure to always make the right choices.

With reliable intuition, all of this changes. Experience confidence and ease like never before. Never again experience second-guessing, hesitation or regret. Allow your soul to easily direct your every move like a GPS that will lead you to the exact life you've always dreamed of living. Wake up every day with smile on your face - grateful for what you know and what you can do.


Always Be Safe & Healthy

Living life has never been challenging like this before. Our physical and mental health are vitally threatened on an almost daily basis. Feeling safe has become the new lust. Feeling alone the new norm.

With a mastered intuition, you will guarantee that you always have a stable income, the safest shelter, and perfect health. With a connection to Source and all the energies that are here to help us, have the assuredness that you will always have the right, perfect answers and always feel supported.


Make More Money

With job loss at a record high and so many companies going under every day, the dollar is becoming harder to attain and even harder to keep. For many, making money is not only a dire need, but also a seemingly impossible feat.

While the rest of the world is losing money, you will be able to intuit the highest decisions that will grow your wealth. Make the perfect financial decisions and have the skills to become a money magnet no matter what's going on in the rest of the world.


Never Be Caught Off Guard

Many live their lives by chance not by choice. Taking life as it comes. Often having to make the best out of unforeseen circumstances. For some, it's the unfortunate realization that not everyone has our best intentions.

Having intuition, you will be able to predict the most vital information concerning your life. Begin to take preemptive actions in your life instead of always reacting. Read people in a way that will ensure you will never be blindsided. Ensure that every relationship in your life will become the fairy tale gifts we have only known in stories and always bring about the most rewarding experiences.

Outcomes you will experience from taking each level of the Intuition Mastery Course



Decision Confidence

Never look back on a decision with regret. Confidently ask the right intuitive questions to create the most incredible, abundant life.

Become Invaluable

Be the best advice giver. Embody your most valuable gifts that will make noticeable changes in your life and how people see you.

Intuitive Prowess

Confidently wield the most powerful intuitive skill set that empowers you with the ability to change any aspect of your life to how you want.

Clear Direction

Understand the hidden knowledge of intuition and have expertise on how it works. Have template reads that will guarantee perfect clarity.

Decision Independence

Know that you always have the right answer, tune out the outside world, and always make the choices that are the best for your unique life.

Daily Gratitude

Step into your power and harmonize with the world. Confidently create the life of your dreams and help those you care most about.


Health Expertise

Always have access to the most accurate diagnosis of what is going on in your body. Confidently identify the emotional root cause and the best method to heal.

Future Assurance

Use your mastered abilities to change the course of your future as you see fit. Know what changes you need to make to get the outcomes you want.

Future Confidence

Never be caught off guard again. Predict your's or anyone else's future with 100% accuracy including the most specific and helpful details.

Ultimate Connection

Nurture deeper, more meaningful relationships with people by understanding them on a deeper level. Create open dialogues with Source, animals and the world.

Impressive Accuracy

With mastery over using multiple forms of intuition, pull in the most precise, dead on accurate energetic and physical details every time you use your intuition.

Fulfilling Results

Have the proven template and skills to always know the perfect actions that will align you with any financial, career, relationship, or health goals you desire.


Emotional Mastery

Have the tricks and energy work to know that no matter how high the stakes, you will be able to pull in the most accurate and perfect solutions for yourself and clients.

Absolute Fulfillment

Curate your life to exactly how you like. Make the career and life choices that resonate with your core self. Feel the highest levels of pride, excitement, and happiness towards your life.

Deeper Connections

Be of the highest service by knowing exactly where people are in their life and what they need from you. Enjoy the highest level of fulfilling relationships.

Empowering Speech

Have the confidence to share your remarkable intuitive information and know it will always land beautifully. Help others achieve the most profound levels of love for themselves and their lives.

Life-Changing Precision

Have the highest mastery with all your intuitive skills. With every read you do, pull in the highest clarity and the perfect details to make any change you want.

Transform Everything

Step into your divine plan to be of service to the world as an intuitive. With your dialed in energetic broadcast, create the most incredible impact on the world changing people's lives.

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Get soul input free

How training your intuitive gifts through GLH changes your whole life...

What level do you want to take your intuition to?

What you will learn in each level of this incredible course...

Level 1

10 weeks

In Level 1...

  • Open the two-way communication between you and Source
  • Understand the science and the mechanics of intuition
  • Learn the anatomy of the intuitive body
  • Start developing the skill of intuitive thinking
  • Learn the rules and art of asking intuitive questions
  • Develop and hone in your intuitive accuracy and precision
  • Get the foundations necessary to master advanced intuition techniques
  • Learn the steps to guarantee that you always get 100% accurate intuitive answers
  • Get intuitive templates to conduct the most life-changing reads for yourself and others

Investment: $1,500

Level 2

10 weeks

In Level 2...

  • Learn how to accurately decode illness, disease, or injury in the body and know exactly how to heal it
  • Conduct the most accurate and impressively specific future predictions for yourself and others
  • Understand how to get exact real world details in future readings
  • Develop more forms of intuition and know how to use them together to achieve utmost clarity
  • Learn how to communicate with animals
  • Understand the correct way to connect with loved ones who have passed on and beings not in physical bodies
  • Develop the ability to channel the purest information directly from Source
  • Learn how to intuitively see and feel the world through someone else's perspective 
  • Get the intuitive template to getting results
  • Develop reliable, instantaneous intuitive knowing

Investment: $2,500

Level 3

10 weeks

In Level 3...

  • Master your emotions with specific techniques and energy work
  • Read others with 100% accuracy, identify their hidden agendas, and understand them at a deeper level
  • Accurately recall details from memories - even ones you don't remember
  • Learn what the Akashic Records are and how to use them to master new skills, make future predictions, access past lives, or change the future.
  • Understand and decode dreams
  • Increase your intuitive accuracy with numbers, levels and percentages
  • Learn how to get 100% exact and clear messages from the Universe to remove blocks and find massive openings in your life
  • Get techniques on how to confidently stand your ground when sharing intuitive information
  • Adjust your energetic broadcast to confidently start conducting incredible intuitive sessions
  • Get a proven template for intuitive sessions that will ensure every session will result in the biggest, positive life change for your clients
  • Learn how to control your reputation and always be of the highest service to those around you
  • Understand how much to give during an intuitive session and communication techniques to deliver powerful and inspirational intuitive sessions

Investment: $3,500


Everything you need to know about our new, elevated model for courses and why it's the optimal way to achieve the highest learning results.

"I am a fan of live, in person learning, so the idea of learning from a recording was a stretch.  But each week's content exceeded my expectations.  The pace at which the information is given in the class is perfect.  It truly could be that the biggest benefit is having the audios to replay.  For me, soak time and repetition are the path to integrating new information and making changes.  The check ins are so on-point and the perfect forum for asking questions and clarifying information."

- Brenda

The Evolution of our leading-edge teaching method.

We are constantly raising the standard of spiritual education and taking it to the next level. With every elevation of our programs, they improve by 40%-60%.

As a result, our students experience even greater life transformations and results than the high bars we already set before.

This course is the next step of our evolution. Through this video/audio course, we are introducing a new focused, short burst method of learning to help you optimize your brain's capabilities to retain information and achieve life-long integration of the material.

The Power of segmented learning.

The way our brains work, we are only able to focus and retain about 20 minutes worth of information.To help you retain every ounce of the incredible information taught in this course...

...we split the 2.5 hours worth of life-changing material into approximately 20 minute daily video lessons that you can listen to across the 7 days of the week.

A few minutes a day with directed integrations into your life will help you access a whole level of expertise that wasn't possible before.

Hands on help with Live Clarity Classes.

This course merges the remarkable benefits of self discovery with the profound results from the help of an intuitive coach.

After each daily video lesson, receive a self integration prompt to help you start developing your own intuitive independence.

Every two weeks, master teacher, Alessandro, will host a 1 hour Clarity Class where you can ask questions live, get intuited progress checks, as well as receive any intuitively guided support to ensure you have complete understanding and integration of the material.

Wanna know what you can expect?

Check out our free foundational Intuition Video Series to get a taste of the what you can look forward to in this remarkable course!

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Designed for any kind of schedule so you can choose your own adventure.

Below are our three options to take this course. Choose the option that works best for your schedule by simply selecting your preference at check out!




On Monday morning of each week, we will send you an email with the new video lessons and integration exercises for every day of the week. Each week's material will include daily video lessons with follow up integration exercises.

To get the most out of the material, we recommend taking advantage of the full benefits of our new learning model and completing one video and its integration exercise a day. However as this partially a self study course, you can learn the material at your own pace - skipping days as needed.


All of our video lessons are hosted on the platform Thinkific. To access the content, you will need to create a free account. Create one now using the button below!



Every two weeks Alessandro will be hosting a live 1 hour class during which he will focus on ensuring full retention and integration of the information for every student, filling the gaps where it's needed, giving solves for any future issues that could come up with the material, and which areas of life are best for each student to apply these new understandings to for the best results.

Option to do recorded check ins is available!

These classes are included in the course rate and are live so come camera ready!


These live classes will be conducted via Zoom. If you don't have the video conferencing app, you can download it using the button below.

The most Incredible Investment you can make is in YOU.

The only investment we ever have complete control over is an investment in ourselves. Investments in something like the stock market always has room for unpredictable changes and shifts. All we have to do is have a great plan, the right tools and commit to never stopping. The payout will always be ten fold higher than any other investment. 

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We got you covered!

This course is designed for the busiest of lives to the most difficult of financial situations.

Take class when it's best for you!

As a video course, you have the ultimate flexibility to decide when you have class. You get to choose when and at what time you take class. You can even decide for how long! Learn more here.

Is money a little tight right now?

We have the most flexible payment plans so no one has to miss this life-changing experience. If you need a special payment plan, just reach out to us!

Learn at your own pace!

This leading-edge video course is designed to allow you to learn in 20-30 minute chunks every day throughout the week. Start, stop, do more or rewind to however works best for you!

Your Teacher.

Alessandro has spent the majority of this lifetime learning to deconstruct the virtual reality we live in and hack the system in a way that only a few others in the world have been able to do successfully.

Never before has science, spiritual, guarded financial secrets and energy work been combined in the life-change and world-changing way. Alessandro over 10,000 hours of mastery and 33 years of experience in the healing world and believes in sharing every bit of what he has learned, experienced and intuited over the years.

Alessandro Giannetti


WELCOME to Guided Light Healing

We'd love to share with you more on how we've upgraded all our tools and teachings with you in mind to create the biggest, positive difference in your life, unleash your highest potentials and amplify your life-changing voice to inspire this loud, chaotic world in greater ways than ever before.

Allow us to explain in the video below...

Tell tale Signs this Program is for You

  • Do you find yourself often second-guessing your decisions or hesitating to make them?
  • Are you a person that people tend to come to for advice and you strive to give them the best solutions?
  • Do you have the pull to make meaningful impacts on people's lives and the world?
  • Do you stress out about money, often unsure what to do with your money: Spend it or Save it?
  • Are you goal oriented and want to succeed in all your passions and business ventures?

This Program is for You if you are ready to...

  • Start confidently making decisions with the knowing that with intuition, every choice you make is the right one
  • Have the assuredness that every time you give a person advice that every word you speak will impact and inspire them
  • Make deeper, more meaningful connections with every person you meet
  • Increase your financial wealth tremendously by making the perfect money making decisions
  • Experience incredible, lasting results in your personal growth and career expansion in record amounts of time

What people are saying...

"Taking the Intuition Mastery course was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. Before taking this course I found myself at one of the lowest points in my life; depressed, anxious, and unsure of my future. By the end of the course I felt alive again and figured out my soul's purpose. By tapping into my own intuition, I was able to heal and improve many other areas of my life. I am eternally grateful for Alessandro and the tools he taught me to better understand myself and the world around me."

- Brittany

"I have been blessed to work with Alessandro for years who provided me with guidance and clarity when I needed it most at pivotal points of my life. My decision to join the intuition Mastery Course was truly empowering and transformational. I have felt my intuitive gifts for years, but I never had the clarity and tools to rely on them on daily basis. The tools and the training I received from the Intuition Mastery Course have been a game-changer in my life.  

I am forever grateful to Alessandro for unlocking the gifts within me."

- Jack

"Alessandro started to show me how gifted I am and he showed me how using my intuition will forever change my life. In a matter of six months, my life has drastically improved. I started to see how using and improving my intuition with the incredible tools Alessandro has given me would allow me to also help change the lives of many others as my soul came here with the purpose to do.

I truly would never have been able to accomplish what my soul came here to do if I hadn't met Alessandro and signed up for his intuition course. Not a second of every day goes by that I don't use my intuition to help guide me to get me closer to my goals."

- Mari

"The Intuition Mastery course has positively changed my life.  I learned so much about myself, my soul and my intuitive capacities as well as incredible skills I can use to connect higher and deeper with Source and my own intuition.  This course helped me enormously with my own client work and I found the intuitive strategies we explored invaluable in my practice.  The sessions were packed with tools, intuitive insight and they were always so much fun.  The teachers are very supportive, encouraging and they hold a safe, trusting space.  Thank you so much for running this programme.  I can't emphasise enough how much of a positive impact it has had on my life.  I can't wait to delve into more courses at Guided Light Healing."

- Lara

"If I can summarize Alessandro in a few words, I would call him a game changer. He has completely transformed the way I see the world and has taught me how to use my intuitive gifts to guide me. I use them all the time!"

- Jennifer

"The Intuition mastery class really helped me build confidence in my intuition and experience the tremendous value in developing this ability.  Alessandro gave us lots of individualized feedback to help us improve and show us where to focus for the best results.  I even had a teacher from another class I was taking comment on my expanding abilities.  We also got plenty of practice with classmates which is where the magic of using our intuition was evident.  I was amazed to see how much myself and others could pick up during practice sessions.  If you want to learn from the best and get the most detailed, innovative information and support on how to maximize your intuition, then this is the course for you."

- Regina

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure this course is for you?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get that you might have too...

How can this course help me in my life right now?

Having intuition makes life easier and fulfilling. It releases us from the stress of making wrong decisions or wasting time. With a mastered intuitive skill set, easily improve every aspect of your life: finances, career success, relationships, quality of advice you give, the relationship you have with yourself, and the control you feel you have over your life. Following our intuition is the same as always making the best, right choice. Often getting results that are even better than we imagined!

Not only that, intuition and access to all of these improvements will be something you have for the rest of your life.  

Why would I need intuition? Things always seem to work out for me.

This world is an inside out world. Meaning our external experiences depend on what's going on within us. The power is our hands always. Realistically, the Universe or Source only has about a 35% capability to help us and only if we create the opening for it.

If you've been taken care of thus far, you are benefitting from a core programming that makes that happen. Often we don't realize how much of our world is created based off of what we've learned since we were kids from the outside world vs. what really rings true for our souls. Without intuition, we run the risk of living by how the world taught us to be and chance - leaving that program to be subject to change at any time and living an unfulfilled life.

At GLH we believe that everyone deserves the right to get the tools to create any change they want in their life. To live the life they always dreamed of and more. Anything is possible. Intuition is the non-negotiable to access these tools and guarantee the best life for yourself.

I'd really like to take this course, but I'm experiencing so much financial hardship I don't think I can. Is there any way I can still join?

Not a problem! We believe money should never get in the way of anyone having the most amazing life so we won't let it! Just reach out to us at and we can arrange a special payment plan that will fit your financial needs.

I have already spent a lot of time and money developing my intuition, why would I need this course?

Here at Guided Light Healing, we teach intuition from a scientific perspective: how science supports intuition and the process to develop your gifts to be as accurate as a scientific instrument. In combination with an in-depth understanding of neuroscience, functions of the body, the principles of energy, and leading edge teaching techniques, no where else in the world can you understand intuition at such an expert level, but be able to integrate it into your life masterfully.

Learning intuition through GLH, you will access a level of intuitive clarity, precision, and accuracy that no other program can promise. You will get intuitive techniques and tricks that only a few possess in the world. Bypass the common roadblocks and pitfalls that many intuitives face. Unlock your potentials to reach your highest possible mastery over your intuitive gifts and fulfillment in your life.

My schedule is too busy to take this course.

This course is designed to work for even the impossible of schedules. It's a 6-week virtual course that includes daily video lessons and integration exercises. Every 2 weeks you'll get to attend a live via Zoom group check in class to receive the hands on help of an intuitive expert. If the live classes don't work for you, you can get the same level of help in a private audio that gets sent to you every 2 weeks.

Check out the Course Details section of this page to learn more of the logistics of how this course works and the New Model section to learn how this course is designed to optimize how your brain works for the best results.

Is this really the best time for me to take this? Do I even really need it?

Historically we never feel ready for anything. Human beings over prepare and miss their better futures daily because they feel the timing is off. So let's let your higher self be the true judge of when you take this.

Send us an email at and we can do a complimentary intuitive insight read letting you know if this course is right for you and why. (or why it's not!)

Still not sure? Ask Megan!

Email Megan at and she will get back to you with intuitive direction as soon as possible!

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