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Intuition Foundations


Intuition is the KEY to living the expansive life you always dreamed of.

Make decisions with confidence. Find your independence. Connect to your inner super power.

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What life lacks when we get disconnected

from our internal compass...

Waking Up Daily Knowing Your Every Choice is the Right One

Ever wish you had a manual to live your best life? What the world fails to teach us is that's what we have intuition for. Tune into your internal compass and start confidently leading the life of your dreams.

Every Moment Proving How Invaluable You Are

Each of us has a unique purpose on this planet, but most fall into the trap of listening to the outside world and fail to ever connect with it. With a strong intuition, connect with your soul's pull and lead an incredible life.

Being the Most Reliable & Sought Out Asset to Everyone

With the ability to always pull in accurate intuitive guidance, you will become the most invaluable person in your life. Have your advice be sought out by the world around you and be a beacon of light for others.

Feeling Like the Main Character in Your Super Hero Life Story

Once you tap into your intuitive gifts, life becomes a game and you are the protagonist. Predict the future, have solutions no one else has access to, and become the ultimate winner at the game called life.

You are here for a reason.

Your soul had a big purpose for leading you to this page and we would be remissed if we didn't help it get what it came here for!

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Outcomes you can expect from taking the Intuition Foundations Course



Become a channel for the perfect, most effective guidance and direction. Be your most reliable life consultant. Always make the best decisions that will lead to success and happiness for yourself.

Parenting Confidence

Know the things about your kids they don't have the capabilities to communicate to you. Know exactly what they need from you and prepare them the best to achieve success in their lives.

Better Relationships

Be able to determine if a person is right for a longterm friendship, someone who will be in your life for a short period of time, or a soulmate that you are supposed to pay attention to and keep in your life.

Money Mastery

Change your relationship with money forever. Ensure that every financial decision you make is always an investment that will bring you more. Never again stress over bad money moves and spend it better!

Career Clarity

Know with confidence when you are moving in a direction that isn't going to bear fruit and when you need to push through the obstacles to get to the huge desires and manifestations you have asked for your life.

High Level Rewards

Big risks lead to big rewards. With a strong intuition, there is no longer any risk to living a big life. Every intuitively inspired step you take will be the perfect, certain step with zero wasted energy.

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What people are saying about developing their intuition through GLH...

Our Proven CORE FOUNDATIONS to Having Remarkable Intuition

How we designed each class in this course to give you the most solid and reliable foundation to start confidently using your intuitive gifts to enhance all areas of your life.

CLASS 1: The Science of How Intuition Works

  • Understand how intuition works as proven by science
  • Dispel the leading negative misconceptions about intuition
  • Uncover the different sources of information and why this knowledge is so important for intuitive accuracy
  • Get a bullet proof energy set up process for always accurate intuitive information

CLASS 2: Dialing in Your Advanced Foundations

  • Understand the truth and cause behind "wrong" intuitive answers
  • Level up your intuitive energy set up process to prevent any negative outside influence or manipulation
  • Learn your first form of Intuition and how to expertly use it
  • Get in-class practice and live adjustments using your intuitive form

CLASS 3: Proper Intuitive Question Asking Technique

  • Understand how your intuition is only as good as your questions and how to always ask the right questions
  • Get the 3 core intuitive questions that you will use for the rest of your life
  • Learn 2 game-changing techniques to prevent emotional manipulation
  • Another round of in-class practice with live adjustments

CLASS 4: Integrating Intuitive Confidence Into Your Life

  • Get GLH's Proven 6-Week Intuition Training Regimen to solidify healthy intuitive habits and instill intuitive confidence
  • Learn a second form of intuition and how to expertly use it
  • Get in-class practice and live adjustments using your new intuitive form
  • Learn a brain reprogramming technique to increase intuitive performance

The Magic of our


Everything you need to know about our new, elevated model for courses and why it's the optimal way to achieve the highest learning results.


"I am a fan of live, in person learning, so the idea of learning from a recording was a stretch.  But each week's content exceeded my expectations.  The pace at which the information is given in the class is perfect.  It truly could be that the biggest benefit is having the audios to replay.  For me, soak time and repetition are the path to integrating new information and making changes.  The check ins are so on-point and the perfect forum for asking questions and clarifying information."

- Brenda

The Evolution of our leading-edge teaching method.

We are constantly raising the standard of spiritual education and taking it to the next level. With every elevation of our programs, they improve by 40%-60%.

As a result, our students experience even greater life transformations and greater results than the high bars we already set.

This course is the next step of our evolution. Through this video/audio course, we are introducing a new focused, short burst method of learning to help you optimize your brain's capabilities to retain information and achieve life-long integration of the material.

The Power of segmented learning.

The way our brains work, we are only able to focus and retain about 20 minutes worth of information.To help you retain every ounce of the incredible information taught in this course...

...we split the 2.5 hours worth of life changing information into approximately 20 minute video lessons that you can listen to across the 7 days of the week.

A few minutes a day with directed integrations into your life will allow you to achieve a whole new level of expertise that wasn't possible before.

Hands on help with Live Clarity Classes.

This course merges the remarkable benefits of self discovery with the profound results from the help of an intuitive coach.

After each daily video lesson, receive a self integration prompt to help you start developing your intuitive independence.

Every two weeks, master teacher, Alessandro, will host 1 hour Clarity Classes where you can ask questions, get intuited progress checks, as well as any intuitively guided support to ensure you have complete understanding of the material.

The most Incredible Investment you can make is in YOU.

The only investment we ever have complete control over is the investment in ourselves. Investments in something like the stock market always has room for unpredictable changes and shifts. All we have to do is have a great plan, the right tools and commit to never stopping. The payout will always be ten fold higher than any other investment. 

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Your Teacher.

Alessandro has spent the majority of this lifetime learning to deconstruct the virtual reality we live in and hack the system in a way that only a few others in the world have been able to do successfully.

Never before has science, spiritual, guarded financial secrets and energy work been combined in the life-change and world-changing way. Alessandro over 10,000 hours of mastery and 33 years of experience in the healing world and believes in sharing every bit of what he has learned, experienced and intuited over the years.

Alessandro Giannetti


WELCOME to Guided Light Healing

We'd love to share with you more on how we've upgraded all our tools and teachings with you in mind to create the biggest, positive difference in your life, unleash your highest potentials and amplify your life-changing voice to inspire this loud, chaotic world in greater ways than ever before.

Allow us to explain in the video below...

What people are saying...

"If I can summarize Alessandro in a few words, I would call him a game changer. He has completely transformed the way I see the world and has taught me how to use my intuitive gifts to guide me. I use them all the time!"

- Jennifer

"The Intuition classes really helped me build confidence in my intuition and experience the tremendous value in developing this ability.  Alessandro gave us lots of individualized feedback to help us improve and show us where to focus for the best results.  I even had a teacher from another class I was taking comment on my expanding abilities.  We also got plenty of practice with classmates which is where the magic of using our intuition was evident.  I was amazed to see how much myself and others could pick up during practice sessions.  If you want to learn from the best and get the most detailed, innovative information and support on how to maximize your intuition, then this is the course for you."

- Regina

"My intuitive gifts have been supercharged with Alessandro's guidance. Learning from the best, he has helped me shape my career as an Intuitive Motivational Coach and Healer. Not only have I been able to use my intuition to get clear and direct answers for myself, but my clients have greatly benefitted as well. I highly recommend you take every opportunity to learn intuition tools from Alessandro."

- Caitlyn

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