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Financial Mastery



Connect to your divine right to have access to unlimited amounts of wealth.

Learn the best-kept secrets of the greats that will guarantee the highest financial success and get the perfect financial backing that your soul's purpose and your dreams need and deserve.

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How having FINANCIAL MASTERY will change Every aspect of your life


Develop a deep trust and loving relationship with money to take financial stress off the table. Spend less time worrying and more time pursuing your greatest desires.


Open your access to the best, highest quality medical and health services, products, supplements, and foods to keep your body looking and feeling its best.


Have the full financial backing to hire the dream teams, create the perfect platforms, and acquire the exact resources you need to bring your soul aligned career to life.


No longer have awkward or stressful money conversations. Attain a new confidence and shift the people in your life to align with your new, higher levels of success.

You are here for a reason.

Your soul had a big purpose for leading you to this page and we would be remissed if we didn't help it get what it came here for!

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How having a mastery over money is the key to living the fulfilling, abundant life you've always dreamed of living.


Money is a Huge Ingredient in the Success Formula.

Money used the right way gives us credibility. It can give us a platform to gather the masses and share our ideas. It can help us build our dream teams to help take our ideas into the physical form. We get the opportunity to choose the individuals with the greatest minds and greatest skill sets. Without the capabilities to properly compensate, we will find ourselves to be just a team of one.


The World Doesn't Teach Us How to Create Big Lives.

Most people in the world have been taught to play it safe. The sad truth is that if you take little risks you will get little reward. It's the ones that take the biggest risks that lead the biggest lives. We aren't taught how to successfully take risks so the majority of the planet will settle and succumb to the programmed fear. Get the tools to go beyond what the world has taught you and live the big, abundant life you may have felt was strictly a daydream.


The Greater the Wealth the Greater the Voice and Result

Did you know that no one in the history of the world has ever been able to change the world without money? Every person from Marcus Oarless to Mother Teresa possessed or had unlimited access to great wealth.

Wealth gives us the ability to put resources behind our voice and ideas. It allows us to free up time from our daily grind and focus on what meaningful ways we can change people's lives and the world as our souls came here to do.


Money Mastery is the Key to Grow & Maintain Wealth

There are so many misconceptions out in the world about money and what it takes to be successful with it. Having financial knowledge allows you to break past your personal money blocks and blow open the floodgates for increased financial flow. More importantly, having a mastery over money earns you the right to have high levels of wealth and prevents you from falling victim to the common financial mishaps and financial collapses. Have the skill to successfully manage you money at any level.

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Outcomes you will experience from taking the Financial Mastery Course



Supercharged Money Magnetism

Shift your thoughts and actions to align with the energy of a millionaire and start attracting massive amounts of money.

Know and Get Paid What You're Worth

Get clear on your monetary value and what your unique offerings are worth so you get paid the dollar amount you deserve.

Increased Confidence and Radiance

Feel more confident in your ability to make and manage money as well as increase you sense of self-worth and value.

Build and Grow Your Wealth

Get the techniques and step-by-step processes to start making more money and how to always have it when you need it.

Forever Financial Empowerment

Acquire a completely new understanding of how the world works and the tools to keep you feeling in control of your finances.

Restore Your Love and Trust for Money

By learning the Advanced Financial Foundations, always feel supported by and in harmony with money for the rest of your life.


Accelerated Income Increase

Know exactly how to spend, save, and invest your money so that every money move you make is one that grows your wealth.

Earn the Right to Have Massive Wealth

Have the knowledge, expertise, and tools that will allow you to attract the highest levels of wealth and keep it.

Continuous Lifestyle Upgrades

Learn the hacks and tricks that will allow you to elevate your lifestyle, dive into your passions, and live out your wildest wants.

Have Your Perfect 10-Year Success Game Plan

Leave the course having delved deep into curating the perfect plan to set your dream career into motion and ensure its success.

Live Your Life Like a Billionaire

Align your energy, thoughts, and actions to that of a billionaire and fully integrate these habit to create permanent openings in your life.

Realize and Build Your Soul's Pull

Have the knowledge and tools to create the perfect financial backing to impact lives on a global scale as your soul intended.

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What people are saying...

"Having and building your own business takes a lot of trust. Ale’s ability to teach you the relationship and energetic understanding regarding money gives you a freedom to trust. With owning two different businesses I have been able to control a money flow without the need to work hours on end to get it. Ale shows all sides of financial freedom, taking the one thing most people fear the most and turning it into something that elevates all parts of your life. I used to fear if enough money would come in, now I have a beautiful understanding of how to control this flow allowing my businesses to flourish."

- Val

"I have a Top Ten Best Things Ever list of things I have  done in my life. Hands down taking courses from Alessandro easily falls onto this list. Why? It is because of an irrepressible joy and enthusiasm that permeates Alessandro’s teaching. No matter the  mood I am in at the start of a class or live check in, and it I soften after a long work day,   by the end, after all the laughter and absorption of intriguing information I am in an elevated state. Add to that receiving quick but profound regular intuitive reads throughout each class for concepts he’s teaching makes me feel seen, cared for, and understood.  Within Alessandro’s bevy of gifts, grown and cultivated throughout his life is his ability to disseminate serious, profound, life altering information in small graspable chunks with doable applicable steps streamed straight from his heart.  Joyfully and lovingly which is simply part of his core essence. Alessandro knows applying these spiritual, scientific life skills of the highest order (and yes, there are always higher) to his own daily living coupled with working with 1000’s of people that life does gets better. More interesting and certainly more intriguing. Alessandro  does not just serves an incredibly delicious meal, but a huge Michelin Fica Star banquet that is nutrition for the soul and a handbook for living an empowered life …if you do the work. And even if you don’t, you probably will never be quite the same in the best sense of the word."

- Susan Amanda

Two Levels to Financial Freedom

What you will learn in each level of this incredible course...

Not sure which level or levels is best for you? Worried you can't afford it?

Click the button below to get your soul's input purely channeled for you.

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Level 1 - 8 weeks

Align yourself with the success of a millionaire.

  • The science, energetic laws, and spiritual principles of money and how to attract it
  • The Advanced Financial Foundations that include loving money, putting yourself first, and creating peace of mind with wealth
  • How to expand our creative ideas so we can pursue our soul's pull unhindered
  • The energetic ingredients needed to build a millionaire income
  • How to achieve emotional balance and fair exchange with money
  • How to permanently integrate these new understandings and habit changes to forever change your finances.

Investment: $1,500

Level 2 - 10 weeks

Take your place as one of the world's wealthiest.

  • The necessary brain shifts and understandings needed to attract and focus the flow of larger financial income
  • The additional energetic ingredients needed to build a billionaire income
  • The knowledge and secrets of the world's wealthiest and most influential people
  • How to save, spend, and invest money so that you are always increasing your wealth
  • The habit changes needed to achieve the highest levels of financial success
  • Creating a bullet proof 10-year plan to build and manifest your dream lifestyle and world recognized career

Investment: $2,500

The Magic of our


Everything you need to know about our new, elevated model for courses and why it's the optimal way to achieve the highest learning results.


"I am a fan of live, in person learning, so the idea of learning from a recording was a stretch.  But each week's content exceeded my expectations.  The pace at which the information is given in the class is perfect.  It truly could be that the biggest benefit is having the audios to replay.  For me, soak time and repetition are the path to integrating new information and making changes.  The check ins are so on-point and the perfect forum for asking questions and clarifying information."

- Brenda

The Evolution of our leading-edge teaching method.

We are constantly raising the standard of spiritual education and taking it to the next level. With every elevation of our programs, they improve by 40%-60%.

As a result, our students experience even greater life transformations and results than the high bars we already set before.

This course is the next step of our evolution. Through this video/audio course, we are introducing a new focused, short burst method of learning to help you optimize your brain's capabilities to retain information and achieve life-long integration of the material.

The Power of segmented learning.

The way our brains work, we are only able to focus and retain about 20 minutes worth of information.To help you retain every ounce of the incredible information taught in this course...

...we split the 2.5 hours worth of life-changing material into approximately 20 minute daily video lessons that you can listen to across the 7 days of the week.

A few minutes a day with directed integrations into your life will help you access a whole level of expertise that wasn't possible before.

Hands on help with Live Clarity Classes.

This course merges the remarkable benefits of self discovery with the profound results from the help of an intuitive coach.

After each daily video lesson, receive a self integration prompt to help you start developing your own intuitive independence.

Every two weeks, master teacher, Alessandro, will host a 1 hour Clarity Class where you can ask questions live, get intuited progress checks, as well as receive any intuitively guided support to ensure you have complete understanding and integration of the material.


The logistics of this course you need to know.



Course begins Monday, January 16th


On Monday morning of each week, we will send you an email with the new video lessons and integration exercises for every day of the week. Each week's material will include daily video lessons with follow up integration exercises.

To get the most out of the material, we recommend taking advantage of the full benefits of our new learning model and completing one video and its integration exercise a day. However as this partially a self study course, you can learn the material at your own pace - skipping days as needed.

This is a Two Level course. Both levels are not required but completion of Level 1 is required to take Level 2.


All of our video lessons are hosted on the platform Thinkific. To access the content, you will need to create a free account. Create one now using the button below!


Note: Clarity Check In Class Day/Time will be confirmed later to work for everyone enrolled.


Every two weeks Alessandro will be hosting a live 1 hour class during which he will focus on ensuring full retention and integration of the information for every student, filling the gaps where it's needed, giving solves for any future issues that could come up with the material, and which areas of life are best for each student to apply these new understandings to for the best results.

These classes are included in the course rate and are live so come camera ready!


These live classes will be conducted via Zoom. If you don't have the video conferencing app, you can download it using the button below.

The most Incredible Investment you can make is in YOU.

The only investment we ever have complete control over is the investment in ourselves. Investments in something like the stock market always has room for unpredictable changes and shifts. All we have to do is have a great plan, the right tools and commit to never stopping. The payout will always be ten fold higher than any other investment. 

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We got you covered!

Our programs are designed for the busiest of lives to the most difficult of financial situations.

Take class when it's best for you!

As a video course, you have the ultimate flexibility to decide when you have class. You get to choose when and at what time you take class. You can even decide for how long!

Is money a little tight right now?

If you are experiencing any financial hardship right now, reach out to us and we can create a special payment plan for you.

Take class anywhere in the world!

Utilizing our live-stream and video hosting capabilities, you can take class whenever you need either from the comfort of your home or while traveling for fun or business!

Your Teacher.

Alessandro has spent the majority of this lifetime learning to deconstruct the virtual reality we live in and hack the system in a way that only a few others in the world have been able to do successfully.

Never before has science, spiritual, guarded financial secrets and energy work been combined in the life-change and world-changing way. Alessandro over 10,000 hours of mastery and 33 years of experience in the healing world and believes in sharing every bit of what he has learned, experienced and intuited over the years.

Alessandro Giannetti


WELCOME to Guided Light Healing

We'd love to share with you more on how we've upgraded all our tools and teachings with you in mind to create the biggest, positive difference in your life, unleash your highest potentials and amplify your life-changing voice to inspire this loud, chaotic world in greater ways than ever before.

Allow us to explain in the video below...

What more people are saying...

"Some years before I met Alessandro I had an amazing career as a very successful writer. Then as life would have it... that was all lost. For three years I tried to find my balance and get back to the where I was. Nothing worked and I was now facing a career change. I met Alessandro and he said, "Absolutely not. We are gonna make some adjustments and see what happens." My next call to him was 3 weeks later. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was not only back in the game, but set up for my best year ever. I still explain what he does and the magic he uses but, it works like nothing I have ever seen. I was able to get my life back together a get to the next level because of who he is."

- Hollywood Screenwriter

"Alessandro Giannetti's financial course has powerfully shifted my perceptions of money. His financial tools have not only made me a money manifesting badass, but they've also helped me thrive in all areas of my life. There's no course out there like this."

- Caitlyn

"Alessandro is the first person to open my eyes to looking at money as energy! It was incredibly helpful to understand the exchange on that level and his suggestion of creating a soul account has been so important for my career and growth so far.  He gives amazing advice for this in easy and digestible ways to implement right away."

- Julie

"Before I met Alessandro I was constantly consumed by the fearful thought of: if I stopped working what will I do for money? I was never raised with the right tools to manage it. I've been very blessed with my career, but that was never a guarantee for enough money. It was when I was connected with Alessandro that all that changed. He taught me his tools, helped reprogram my understandings, and broke down my limiting beliefs. Although I have to say I think it was his energy work that really changed everything though. Today I have never had a better relationship with money. More importantly, I have the security of wealth I though I would never have. Trust Him. He knows what he's doing."

- Golden Globe Winning and Oscar Nominated Actor

Tell tale Signs this Program is for You

  • If you feel like you are constantly trying to desperately make ends meet every month
  • If you have big dreams but feel that you never have the financial backing to make it happen
  • If you feel frustrated that money never seems to be there when you need it
  • If you feel like there has to be a better, easier way to be living life

This Program is for You if you are ready to...

  • Follow your soul's pull and live out your soul's purpose
  • Help change the maximum amount of lives possible
  • Achieve your biggest dreams and wildest wants for your life
  • Get new tools that actually work and will increase your financial flow
  • Experience freedom and ease with money

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure this course is for you?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get that you might have too...

I need a change NOW. How fast will financial situation turn around?

The second you take action on enrolling in this life change, these are just a few changes you'll experience tomorrow...

#1: You instantly release the blocks preventing your goals from coming in today.

#2: You now become people's valuable priority in which to invest time, money and effort in.

#3: You will now be in a state of progress towards your every goal and aspiration vs. them always being a day away.

#4: Your self worth will skyrocket and people will start to demonstrate it.

#5: You will immediately shift your health into a state of progress and healing.

#6: People will stop putting off the things they say they'll do for you..

What makes this money program different from any other money program out there? Why should I take this one?

This financial course is very unique from any other financial course out there and offers a financial life-change like no other program can.

By combining spiritual concepts, energetic laws, and scientific principles of money with the financial secrets of the world's wealthiest, this course will teach you the concepts and understandings to the unlock high levels of wealth you can't access without. Not only that, get the tried and true tools and habit changes that will allow you to make permanent, positive changes to your financial state forever.

I'd really like to take this course, but I'm experiencing so much financial hardship I don't think I can. Is there any way I can still join?

Not a problem! We believe money should never get in the way of anyone having the most amazing life so we won't let it! Just reach out to us at and we can arrange a special payment plan that will fit your financial needs.

If money is tight right now it is probably going to be tight in the future. When money is tight, it is often the result of prioritizing everyone else before ourselves.

Plus we have to know that we are worth investing in. In essence, if we're not willing to take the risk on ourselves, why should anyone else?

How do this course work? Is it live or recorded?

It's both! In short, it is a 4-week recorded virtual course that includes daily video lessons and integration exercises. At the end of the 4 weeks there will be a live via Zoom class with Alessandro.

Check out the Course Details section of this page to learn more of the logistics of how this course works and the New Model section to learn how this course is designed to optimize how your brain works for the best results.

My schedule is too busy to take this course.

With the leading-edge design of this course model, we made it so that even a person with the most impossible of schedules doesn't have to miss out on this game-changing, life-changing information.

Learn at your own pace and when it works best for your schedule with daily video lessons and integration exercises. Either enjoy check in classes to receive life feedback and support or receive a check in recording every two weeks with private adjustments for you to listen to at your leisure. Plus, we're always available by email!

Is this really the best time for me to take this? Do I even really need it?

Historically we never feel ready for anything. Human beings over prepare and miss their better futures daily because they feel the timing is off. So let's let your higher self be the true judge of when you take this.

Send us an email at and we can do a complimentary intuitive insight read letting you know if this course is right for you and why. (or why it's not!)

Still not sure? Ask Megan!

Email Megan at and she will get back to you with intuitive direction as soon as possible!

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