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Dark Forces Mastery



Don't let anything get in your way to fulfilling your Soul's Calling.

Harness your divine right to have a consciousness, power, soul-wholeness, intuitive pureness, and a clear connection to Source at your command.

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What Would Improve if You Operated at Your 100% Best At All Times?

When under the influence of dark forces, we experience energetic, mental, emotional and physiological disruptions that cap our potentials by 63% daily. Here's what you will regain by having this mastery to protect and repair your energy...


Free yourself from the fear and limitations projected onto you from the outside world. Have the tools to forge your own path and fulfill your soul's purpose in the biggest way.


Divine information can be 98% influenced and altered without the proper protections. Learn how to protect your gifts from being shut down and losing its accuracy.


Our lives are 97% influenced by energetic forces present in our world. Achieve what is impossible for most and get the mastery to finally have complete control to live the life YOU want.


Increase your career success by 15x. Remove all blocks created from these negative energies that are causing your career setbacks and ruining your relationships.

You are here for a reason.

Your soul had a big purpose for leading you to this page and we would be remissed if we didn't help it get what it came here for!

Get your soul's input for FREE about taking this course!

Let's figure out your reason for being here and what your higher self wants for you. We have multiple avenues to connect you with and this will help us to find the perfect one for you.

Outcomes you will experience from taking the Dark Forces Mastery Course



Highest Physical Health

Finally be able to rid your body of the heavy energies that cause most sicknesses and diseases and have the highest body vitality.

Permanent Energy Protection

By understanding how energy works, never again feel drained and lethargic. Know how to always be at your energetic best and fullest.

Ultimate Dark Forces Defense

Learn the advanced techniques to energetically protect yourself, your space, and your loved one from the negative influences of dark forces.

Better Relationship Dynamics

Without the interference of dark forces, experience genuine connections with those around you that fill you up.

Clear Thought Control

Remove all thoughts that aren't your own. Finally find release from the overwhelming and dark, heavy thoughts so you can make the best decisions for your life.

Fulfilled Soul-aligned Success

Be able to maintain a clear connection to Source so nothing can derail you from living the amazing life you were divinely intended to live.


Lock into Your Divine Path

Have the tools to defend yourself from the negative energies that want to derail you. Never be unconsciously led down another dark path or dead end.

Pioneer Pure Intuitive Information

Know how to protect your Source connection from any contamination. Have the accurate intuition needed to lead the world into higher consciousness living.

Cut Through Intuitive Misinformation

Be able to easily identify the dark beings disguised as positive light beings. Have the clarity to never regret a thought or a choice.

Police Absence of Light Beings

Have the advanced clearing techniques to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from highest level dark forces while simultaneously maintaining the Universal order.

Cure the Incurables

Retrieve the missing pieces of your physical and energetic body that are integral to healing from what modern medicine has deemed incurable. Heal from the heaviest of mental illness almost instantly.

Achieve Source Greatness

Release from the hardships and pain of human life and see the world as Source does. Drop low frequency ideas in the way of you reaching your highest potentials.

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What people are saying...

"For so long I lived my life having many questions on why so many things were happening to me and no one had an explanation for them...

...I physically would experience pain in my body that the medical field couldn't figure out why. From my heart palpitations, major headaches, pinches in my body, cramps etc... The list of symptoms only grew longer and no answers helped ease the pain. That was one side of things.

The other was things not working out for me in my own life. Opportunities would fall short, relationships would fall apart. So many things didn't make sense to me on why they would happen, not until I met Alessandro. He introduced me to dark forces and the major impact they can have on our physical body and on our lives.

After taking Dark Forces Mastery with him and learning the ins and outs about them and how to remove them, my whole life changed in such a magical way. It all started to make sense to me. I learned how to identify the pain in my body and be able to stop it by simply learning the steps to removing all the dark energies off of me. My mental state couldn’t have been more clearer because it wasn't being impacted by dark energies.

I can sit here and tell you how amazing it was for me to take the Dark Forces Mastery or you can take the opportunity to take it yourself and experience it for yourself and see how life-changing it is. Alessandro is one of a kind and his understanding and knowledge in this world with dark forces is impressive. To this day I have not met anyone like him when it comes to dark forces.

All I can say is this, this is an opportunity of a lifetime!"

- Mari

Our Method to Helping YOU Become the Dark Forces Master You NEED to Be.

The understandings you will gain from each level of this incredible course that are non-negotiables for any energetic being in a physical body...

Not sure which level or levels is best for you? Worried you can't afford it?

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Level 1 - 10 weeks

  • The science of what exactly dark forces are, where they come from, and how they function in our world
  • A detailed understanding of how energy works in the world, in our bodies, and with others
  • Advanced, every day protective techniques to protect your energy, your space, and others from dark forces
  • How to disconnect from the damaging effects of energetically cording into others and dark forces
  • What the most common dark forces are, how they function, and how to differentiate them by the symptom's you'll experience when they are affecting you
  • Advanced, defensive clearing techniques to quickly and permanently remove lower lever dark forces from yourself, your space, and your loved ones

Investment: $1,500

Level 2 - 10 weeks

  • The history of major dark forces, the truth behind their negative intent, and full clarity on how they operate
  • What the higher level dark forces are, detailed information about them, and how to differentiate them by the symptoms you will experience when they are affecting you
  • Advanced protective techniques geared towards fully repairing energetic and physical damage done to your body and retrieving lost pieces of yourself
  • Advanced, offensive clearing techniques to fully and quickly remove the intricate high-level dark force attachments and keep them from ever coming back
  • A special proactive clearing technique
  • Additional high level understandings of dark forces and tricks to successfully deal with them

Investment: $2,500

The Magic of our


Everything you need to know about our new, elevated model for courses and why it's the optimal way to achieve the highest learning results.


"I am a fan of live, in person learning, so the idea of learning from a recording was a stretch.  But each week's content exceeded my expectations.  The pace at which the information is given in the class is perfect.  It truly could be that the biggest benefit is having the audios to replay.  For me, soak time and repetition are the path to integrating new information and making changes.  The check ins are so on-point and the perfect forum for asking questions and clarifying information."

- Brenda

The Evolution of our leading-edge teaching method.

We are constantly raising the standard of spiritual education and taking it to the next level. With every elevation of our programs, they improve by 40%-60%.

As a result, our students experience even greater life transformations and greater results than the high bars we already set.

This course is the next step of our evolution. Through this video/audio course, we are introducing a new focused, short burst method of learning to help you optimize your brain's capabilities to retain information and achieve life-long integration of the material.

The Power of segmented learning.

The way our brains work, we are only able to focus and retain about 20 minutes worth of information.To help you retain every ounce of the incredible information taught in this course...

...we split the 2.5 hours worth of life changing information into approximately 20 minute video lessons that you can listen to across the 7 days of the week.

A few minutes a day with directed integrations into your life will allow you to achieve a whole new level of expertise that wasn't possible before.

Hands on help with Live Clarity Classes.

This course merges the remarkable benefits of self discovery with the profound results from the help of an intuitive coach.

After each daily video lesson, receive a self integration prompt to help you start developing your intuitive independence.

Every two weeks, master teacher, Alessandro, will host 1 hour Clarity Classes where you can ask questions, get intuited progress checks, as well as any intuitively guided support to ensure you have complete understanding of the material.

Wanna know what you can expect?

Watch this clip from our Dark Forces Mini Video Series to get a taste of the what you can look forward to!

The most Incredible Investment you can make is in YOU.

The only investment we ever have complete control over is the investment in ourselves. Investments in something like the stock market always has room for unpredictable changes and shifts. All we have to do is have a great plan, the right tools and commit to never stopping. The payout will always be ten fold higher than any other investment. 

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Some courses may be starting sooner than you've heard.


Your Teacher.

Alessandro has spent the majority of this lifetime learning to deconstruct the virtual reality we live in and hack the system in a way that only a few others in the world have been able to do successfully.

Never before has science, spiritual, guarded financial secrets and energy work been combined in the life-change and world-changing way. Alessandro over 10,000 hours of mastery and 33 years of experience in the healing world and believes in sharing every bit of what he has learned, experienced and intuited over the years.

Alessandro Giannetti


WELCOME to Guided Light Healing

We'd love to share with you more on how we've upgraded all our tools and teachings with you in mind to create the biggest, positive difference in your life, unleash your highest potentials and amplify your life-changing voice to inspire this loud, chaotic world in greater ways than ever before.

Allow us to explain in the video below...

What more people are saying...

"The Dark Forces Mastery Course is life-changing. Alessandro opened my eye to all sides of energy, and this course helped me feel the safest I have ever felt.

Having information about "absence of light" gave me a sense of control and power in my life I didn't know I was needing. This course opens you up more than you would think. It was my key to breaking down so many walls that allowed me to step into my power and see the world in the way of perfect balance, which allowed my life to mirror that. I feel light energy more now because I fully understand the absence of it in this world.

This course is a game-changer."

- Val

"Guided Light Healing's Dark Forces Mastery enabled me to understand what was going on energetically so I could start making sense of the paranormal phenomena in my life and the lives of others.

I learned that depression, anxiety, and lethargy may not be solely coming from my brain, but could also be happening as a symptom of an energetic attachment.

As I learned and executed these teachings/techniques I began to gain a deeper sense of freedom, awareness and confidence in myself and life."

- Karen

"I am so grateful to have the tools I learned in the Dark Forces Mastery Course.

So much of how we feel is being influenced by energies we don't see with the naked eye. I used to feel so drained and have negative thoughts just creeping in at any time. The worst was to feel a negative presence and not know what to do with it besides being terrified.

Now I feel empowered to protect my energy, clear anything that is not of light, understand which thoughts are my own, and have full control over how I feel.

It's so magical and it has literally changed my life for the better. I have so much more energy in my day and feel extremely confident. I am able to experience a much higher frequency way of living.

Being fearless is priceless."

- Julie

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure this course is for you? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get that you might have too...

Won't focusing on dark forces make them worse?

The mentality that if you just ignore dark forces and instead focus on just the positive doesn’t apply to dealing with negative energetic beings and entities. Ignoring them can actually make their negative effects worse especially if you continue to pursue a path of soul growth and increase the brightness of your frequency. The brighter your energy is, the more susceptible you are to these negative energies and the level of severity of their negative effects increases significantly.

Is dark forces really that necessary? How could they possibly be the answer to my real world problems?

We are very passionate about educating about dark forces because of how understated and disregarded their importance is especially in today's world and how much misinformation there is about them.

Dark forces are the #1 cause for people to feel like they are drowning in their lives, feel they can't reach the levels of financial or career success they want and never being able to connect with their soul's purpose. It can ruin intuition and inhibit mastered gifts. The more you grow the more vulnerable you become to their damages. 

We want everyone to have the best shot at living the best, highest lives they were always destined for before the limitations of the world took hold. Limitations that originate from dark forces.

Having a mastery over dark forces enables you to guarantee the purest connection to source so you have the greatest clarity to make the highest decisions to attain the best possible results.

I'd really like to take this course, but I'm experiencing so much financial hardship I don't think I can. Is there any way I can still join?

Not a problem! We believe money should never get in the way of anyone having the most amazing life so we won't let it! Just reach out to us at and we can arrange a special payment plan that will fit your financial needs.

Plus we have to know that we are worth investing in. In essence, if we're not willing to take the risk on ourselves, why should anyone else?

How do this course work? Is it live or recorded?

It's both! In short, it is a three level recorded virtual course that includes daily video lessons and integration exercises along with every two week, 1 hour live via Zoom classes with Alessandro.

Check out the Course Details section of this page to learn more of the logistics of how this course works and the New Model section to learn how this course is designed to optimize how your brain works for the best results.

My schedule is too busy to take this course.

With the leading-edge design of this course model, we made it so that even a person with the most impossible of schedules doesn't have to miss out on this game-changing, life-changing information.

Learn at your own pace and when it works best for your schedule with daily video lessons and integration exercises. Either enjoy check in classes to receive life feedback and support or receive a check in recording every two weeks with private adjustments for you to listen to at your leisure. Plus, we're always available by email!

Is this really the best time for me to take this? Do I even really need it?

Historically we never feel ready for anything. Human beings over prepare and miss their better futures daily because they feel the timing is off. So let's let your higher self be the true judge of when you take this.

Send us an email at and we can do a complimentary intuitive insight read letting you know if this course is right for you and why. (or why it's not!)

Still not sure? Ask Megan!

Email Megan at and she will get back to you with intuitive direction as soon as possible!

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Interested in taking this course? Enter your info below to request an application and we will let you know what opportunities are available for you to take it.

Some courses may be starting sooner than you've heard.