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What dreams are you walking away from because of your health struggles?

It's heart-breaking how many feel forced to give up on careers or passions in life because of the roadblocks caused by their health. Living painfully every day at odds with their bodies.

Your body was divinely designed to work for you - not against you. This is our contribution to getting you back to living your life to its fullest potentials free of sickness and disease.

No More Misdiagnoses Stress or Life Waste...

Avoid Inaccurate Tests & Wrong Meds

More that 72% of people trying to heal from sickness or disease get misdiagnosed. On average, most western medicine tests are only 69% accurate. Utilizing the accuracy and limitlessness of intuition, this workup will give you the most accurate, comprehensive diagnoses possible so you know exactly what to do to actually heal.

Heal Faster & Permanently

Only when all the problems in the body are addressed at a physical, energetic, and emotional level is a complete healing possible. Most other healing modalities only address 1, if you're lucky 2, of these levels which either prolongs the healing process or inadvertently stalls it completely. With this, eliminate every root cause so you heal in record time and never have it come back.

Save Valuable Time & Money

Think about the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours that get wasted as the result of incorrect diagnoses, inaccurate tests, and ineffective medicines/herbs. This allows you to get the crucial data that is otherwise inaccessible without intuition so you, from the beginning, fix the actual root cause and take the right steps to heal quickly and completely.

Have Clarity & Choice

With three levels of clarity on what exactly is going on with your body and why it's happening, have the utmost confidence on what your perfect next steps are on your path to a complete healing. With this kind of breakdown, any healing modality, western, eastern, or healer, becomes undoubtedly capable of producing the results you want. The choice is yours.

I'm so super grateful for your assistance and Alessandro too, this is making sense for me!

It's really validating...I've been having some of these thoughts in a simpler way on my own..the reason I originally reached out is I felt my body was rejecting this in some way, and over the past week or so I realized I'm supposed to heal myself but I am also aware my previous methods won't work.

I also died when I was 12 and figured that had something to do with why medicine and even naturopaths can't seem to help me out, but what you've informed me about my soul feels right and it feels helpful.

Thank you so very much!

— Karyn

What's included in a Complete Intuitive Body Scan?

Intuitive Physical Body Scan

Receive a detailed, intuitive breakdown of what has failed in the body and how this fail is affecting the rest of the body as a whole and creating its symptoms. These breakdowns include: A "body story" on what's going wrong and intuited percentages to highlight the level of function for each part in crisis.

The Energetic Why

Understand how your illness/disease/injury came to be in your body. Uncover the soul lesson behind it, the events that led to it manifesting physically in the body and the areas of your life that are preventing a complete healing from happening.

The Crucial Emotional Root

Uncover the integral key to a complete healing that most other modalities fail to address: the emotional cause for everything. Receive a full explanation on the emotional event and resulting brain programming that started your path towards sickness and disease all the way to its physical manifestation in your body and what to do to experience the necessary emotional release to heal.

Perfect Next Steps to Heal Completely

Whether you want to go the western medicine route, use holistic healing modalities, or work with a skilled energy healer, have a strong understanding of what's going on and what you need in order to take the right tests and medicines, get the right herbs and supplements, or go to the right healers/practitioners that will lead you on the most direct path toward a complete healing.

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